Premier Pools & Spas is excited to announce that they have joined forces with Leebcor in the development of new local Premier franchises in four cities along the East Coast, with more locations to follow. The relationship between Premier and Leebcor will be the largest franchising addition in the history of Premier Pools & Spas.

Leebcor, a construction mainstay from the state of Virginia, has had a strong presence in the federal construction field for more than a decade. Leebcor has been a trusted contractor to build facilities for the U.S. Armed Forces and continues to excel in their existing work. Recently, they’ve taken a dive into residential pool construction and feel strongly about the opportunities in the industry.

“We’re extremely excited about the professionalism that Leebcor has shown throughout the entire process. This is our first franchising relationship that will start with a guarantee of more than one location, so it has been valuable to have an experienced company like Leebcor to work with along the journey,” said Brian Porter, Premier Pools & Spas’ President of Service. Porter continued, “This is only the beginning stages between our companies. I expect to see 15+ Leebcor-specific Premier franchises in the near future.”

Leebcor lead franchises are currently operating in Charleston (NC), Richmond (VA), Jacksonville (FL), and Fort Myers (FL), and are actively searching for more communities in which to serve and build. All franchises will continue to operate under the same practices that have made Premier Pools & Spas the #1 pool builder in the world, offering: pool loans and financing, free quotes, and top of the line technology that allows us to build your dream right 100% of the time.

PPAS has more than 30 years of experience creating dream backyards for people across the nation. Since 2014, Premier has been offering franchising opportunities to entrepreneurs with a high standards and the strong work ethic necessary to succeed in our industry. If you are interested in joining more than one hundred successful Premier franchises, please reach out at (844) 366-2102 or visit us at