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Premier Pools and Spas - Pool Franchise

Premier Pools & Spas

Pool Franchise Information

Premier Pool franchisees are engaged in the selling, designing, and building of residential in-ground swimming pools. As the owner of a pool franchise with Premier, you can expect:

  • Determining the type of in-ground swimming pools you will build (gunite/shotcrete, fiberglass, vinyl, etc.) dependent upon your market and your interests.

  • Training will include extensive on-line training (videos, courses, etc.), training directly with staff at corporate, and in-the-field training at one of our other franchise locations.

  • Low initial overhead – A Premier Pools & Spas franchise is not expected to invest in retail space and has minimal start-up costs.

  • Relationship Building – Typically, we recommend you subcontract out the majority of the construction process, (however, you will still need to supervise the construction to make sure the pools are built to Premier’s high standards.)

Premier Pools & Spas

Franchise Fee: $45,000

Royalty Fee: 3.5% – 4.0% of gross income
(billed at the end of each month)

Marketing Fee: up to 1.0%, depending on revenue.
($500 a month the first year)

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to open a pool building franchise with Premier?2023-05-12T09:24:01-08:00

The initial investment costs can vary significantly from franchise to franchise. Depending on your individual situation, the initial investment typically range between $50,000 and $125,000.

How much is the Premier Pools & Spas Franchise Fee?2023-05-12T09:25:27-08:00

The cost of a Premier Pools & Spas pool building franchise is $45,000.

How much is the royalty fee?2023-05-12T09:26:31-08:00

The royalty fee is 3.5-4.0% of gross revenues for our Premier Pools & Spas franchise.

Is the Premier Pools & Spas territory I want available?2023-05-12T09:27:30-08:00

To see if your area is still available, please review our territory availability map here:

Any area highlighted in blue is currently unavailable.

Is financing available for franchise ownership?2023-05-12T09:29:08-08:00

We do not offer financing for Premier Pools & Spas franchise ownership at this time.

Do I have to own a pool business to franchise with Premier Pools & Spas?2023-05-12T09:30:01-08:00

No pool industry experience is required when becoming a Premier Pools & Spas pool building franchise. With a host of online training, 2 physical training facilities, and ongoing training, we will provide the training required to get rolling.

Can I open a Premier Pools & Spas franchise location if I speak another language?2023-05-12T09:30:56-08:00

You can absolutely open a Premier Pools & Spas location if you speak another language. However, it is important to keep in mind that all of our training materials, marketing, websites, etc. are only offered in English at this time. We plan on expanding to other languages in the future, but for now English is our primary operating language.

How do I get a job at Premier Pools & Spas?2023-05-12T09:31:45-08:00

If you are looking for a job opportunity with us, please visit or to find and contact the location nearest to you about employment.

If you are looking to start your own Premier Pools & Spas franchise business, then simply fill out a form and someone from our corporate offices will reach out to you to give you more detailed information on how our franchising opportunities work.

How do I know if this is the right business for me?2023-05-12T09:32:14-08:00

Schedule a Discovery phone call with us! This is a 30–45 minute phone call where we tell you about Premier & Spas, the franchising process, and discuss any questions/concerns you may have. We want to make sure franchising is the right fit for you.

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Territory Availability

Looking to open a pool building franchise in your city? The blue markings show where we currently have Pinnacle or Premier Pools & Spas franchises.