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Become a Premier Pools Franchisee

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What does the franchisee fee cover?2020-12-02T14:09:41-08:00

The franchise fee covers an exclusive territory with all rights necessary to operate business under our established trade name. It includes headquarter training, operations manuals and training films.

What kind of operational assistance do I receive?2020-12-02T14:10:09-08:00

Our goal is to help you achieve operational excellence. We provide advice and support, along with a variety of electronic forms and software that help you manage the construction process and subcontractors, job costing, customer satisfaction, and overall business efficiencies.

What sort of day-to-day guidance do I receive?2020-12-02T14:11:13-08:00

We have a corporate management team that has experts in operations, marketing, and sales that provides daily personalized support. You also have the support and knowledge sharing of all the other franchisees. When you have a specific question about a product or any issues you may run into, we share it with the other franchisees via email. Of course, you always have your operations manual and access to a proprietary web repository that houses our resources.

How long do I receive support?2020-12-02T14:11:48-08:00

Ongoing support is provided to you for the life of your business. We know that we have the strongest support team and our franchisees will attest to that.

May I speak with your existing franchisees?2020-12-02T14:12:27-08:00

Yes. You may speak to every single one of our franchisees and we encourage you to do so. Not only may you speak to them now, but as a franchisee you will be communicating with other franchisees on a regular basis. We feel that this is one of the most important benefits of being a Premier Pools and Spas’ franchisee and we foster communication and interaction as much as possible. Besides email and telephone calls, you will build lasting relationships on our annual conventions and incentive trips.

Do I need an office or a storefront before I can start operations?2020-12-02T14:13:04-08:00

No. Although that is a short term goal, several of our existing franchisees started out as a home business. We want you to focus on your foundation and strategically grow without extending yourself financially

Am I required to buy equipment, supplies etc. from Premier Franchise Management?2020-12-02T14:13:33-08:00

We do require that you use certain vendors for equipment and building products. By consolidating our buying power, it enables us to negotiate and lock in the best prices and rebates in our industry. Also, buying uniform products creates a consistent brand. This benefits everyone in our company.

What is the Operations Manual?2020-12-02T14:14:34-08:00

This detailed manual provides instructions in policies, procedures and operational details necessary to build a successful Premier Pools & Spas franchise. It is to be used as a reference guide but it also backed by corporate training and ongoing support. Updates are made on an ongoing basis.

How fast can I grow the business?2020-12-02T14:14:59-08:00

Your growth will reflect your commitment to adhering to our business model. Franchisees that embrace this proven system and follow it 100% have a much faster growth rate than those who don’t.